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Dog Puppy Cat & Kitten Collars 10 mm Rhinestone Charms Pendant D Ring Charms for sale, Wholesale, Discover Great Prics Now!

Spiffy Pooches is a on-line pet store and boutique catering to your pampered pooches. Here you will find a extensive line of high quality and affordable priced pet merchandise, dog puppy pet bling. Choose from a large selection of dog pet cat puppy jewelry couture and sparkling accessories. Beautiful 10 mm 1/2" rhodium plated (lead free) dog cat pet collar slide charms accented with jeweled rhinestone crystals. These charms are adorable and are a perfect accent to your babies collar, no pet can have enough bling! I have a nice selection of faux leather dog cat pet personalized rhinestone collars. Choose from a variety of fun colors and sizes from 4" to 30", something for every size pet.

Featuring XXL strong and sturdy dog collars especially made for the bigger pets, Bernese Mountain, Great Dane, English Mastiff, Pitt Bull size up to 30".

Keep the hair out of your pets eyes, I have a beautiful selection of Rhinestone dog pet hair clips and barrettes which include free hair bands.

Personlized rhinestone name dog cat puppy harnesses XXS XS & Small. Sporty knapsack harnesses and angel wings harnesses.

Check back often I am always adding new items.

We offer wholesale pet merchandise, please see our wholesale info section. Selling wholesale to

pet boutiques, groomers, pet rescue groups, on line pet merchants.

Alabama Dog Rescue Looking for a new puppy or adult dog check out this rescue first!!

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Spiffy Pooches http://www.spiffypooches.com/fund raisers is great way to earn money for your group.
We have a fantastic selection of items to choose from with high profit margins for you to support your cause, just sign up to become a wholesale vendor. You can also be a official Spiffy Pooches wholesaler by selling our products.
We do offer wholesale pricing to Pet Related Business, Pet Boutiques, Groomers, Dog Show Vendors, Pet Bakeries, Pet Clubs, Rescue Groups, Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters, On Line Pet Stores, Pet Related Craft Show Vendors, Kennels.
We donate to many rescue groups with money from our fund rasiers.

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